The Universe’s Star - 우주의 별이

The Universe’s Star - 우주의 별이


Director: Kim Ji Hyun
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Hyun


Main Cast

Soo Ho as Woo Joo
Ji Woo as Byul

Supporting Cast

Shin Hyun Soo as Koo Se Joo
Na Hae Ryung as Doctor
Yoon Jin Sol as Gakshi
Go Gyu Pil
Lee Shi Un
Joo Jin Mo

Release Year: 2017

Country: Korean

Genre: Romance

Status: Completed


This is a 100% pre-produced drama and a co-production between NAVER tvcast and iMBC.

It’s about a love story between a gifted singer-songwriter Woo Joo (Soo Ho) and Byul (Ji Woo), a 19 years old student who turned into a grim reaper after dying from an accident.

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