Mrs. Cop (Season 2)

Mrs. Cop (Season 2)


Yoo In Shik


Main Cast

Kim Sung Ryung as Go Yoon Jung
Kim Min Jong as Park Jong Ho
Kim Bum as Lee Ro Joon

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency

Im Seul Ong as Oh Seung Il
Son Dam Bi as Shin Yeo Ok
Lee Joon Hyuk as Bae Dae Hoon
Kim Hee Chan as Kang Sang Chul
Yoo Hyung Kwan as Ji Chung Jang

Release Year: 2016

Country: Korean

Genre: Crime Thriller

Status: Ongoing


The drama is about a female cop who deals with harsh criminal activities along with her superior and squad members. It depicts the greatness as well as the tough and sad sides of working mom’s life in Korea through the story of the elite woman detective.

After Choi Young Jin (Kim Hee Ae) takes time off from work in Mrs. Cop (Season 1), Go Yoon Jung (Kim Sung Ryung) becomes the new detective squad chief. She returned to South Korea after training with the F.B.I. in the United States.

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